Vesiweb - Configuration

Protein Parameters

Light Harvesting Complexes (?)

LHC Type
# LHC-molecules
Photon kon [m2/(s*W)]
Exciton kd [1/s]
Exciton N0 [1]

Reaction Centers (?)

Note: The number of reaction centers equals the number of LHC monomers (i.e. 1 LHC Dimer = 2 RCs).

H+ outside kon
Q kon
QH2 koff
c2red kon
c2ox koff

bc1 Complex (?)

Number of bc1 dimers
QH2 kon @ Qo
Q koff @ Qo
Q kon @ Qi
QH2 koff @ Qi
c2ox kon
c2red koff
H+ outside kon
Q swap koi [1/s]
ET kQo-FeS [1/s]
ET Phi0 [mV]
H+ transfer kQi [1/s]
FeS swing kFeS [1/s]>

ATPase (?)

Number of ATPase

Transmembrane Potential ΔΦ (?)

rel. eps(Membrane)
charge offset
free H+ pool
protein charge pool
c2ox pool

Pool Parameters (?)

Parameter Particles Volume Fixed
Quinone (Q) pool nm2
Quinole (QH2) pool nm2
oxidized Cytochrome c2 (c2ox) pool nm3
reduced Cytochrome c2 (c2red) pool nm3
ADP pool* nm3 yes
ATP pool nm3
Proton (H+) pool inside nm3
Proton (H+) pool outside* outside pH yes
Vesicle outer diameter (nm)

*) These two pools represent input molecules found in the cytoplasm. Correspondingly, these values do not change due to the turnover of the single chromatophore considered here.

Time Settings (?)

Simulation time (s)
Time step size (ms)
Output step size (s)

Illumination Parameters (?)

You can enter your own set of illumination times or use one of the predefined sets. Here the time is the timestep when the change of illumination should take place. The format is:

Time [s] <space> intensity [W/m2]
Custom illumination